Thursday, February 26, 2015

Future of Journalism

During this project, our group had a little trouble at first brainstorming some ideas but when the EZ news topic came up, we all loved it. Newspapers are on the decline it seems like as more and more people are getting their news from TV and the internet. Some of the more successful outlets are taking their advertising to a whole new level by putting it near your news feed on Facebook or near your Twitter feed.  With the rapid pace of growth that technology is having right now, you can't let any idea out of the back of your head.  "The future" is coming quicker than we think.  There are many different ways to use your phone, iPad, tablet, and laptop.  I really think that this can help and hurt our future. It can help it because it will be a lot easier to get things done and things will get done more efficiently.  It could hurt us because more people will become lazy and just rely on technology to do things for them and they won't know how to do things the "old fashioned" or original way.

Many journalists jobs are changing with in this new age of technology.  Journalists are able to sit at a desk and watch twitter feeds or trending things to get their information.  Doing this can make the news more and less reliable.  It could be more reliable because many people would be talking about it and you are seeing it directly from the source.  On the other hand it could be less reliable because the things you are seeing could be blown way out of proportion or they could just be rumors that you are seeing and not the actual news.

Doing this project has helped me understand that major technology change isn't that far away.  Thinking of the things that we can come up with in a day or two is pretty cool and now you take people who work with technology for a living and what they have been working on for months or years, I think the sky is the limit right now for technology and anything is possible. Looking at my groups project now, I don't think that we would change anything but then I also don't know how we could tie this into future projects.

Monday, February 9, 2015

What is Journalism?

What is Journalism? To me journalism is reporting news with valid and trustworthy facts on what your version of the truth is.  I talked about truth in my last blog and how people have their own versions of the truth.  There are many types of journalism. Even if news stations aren't getting the news out there, people are getting it from Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, and other apps and sites.

People don't really realize it but  when they are on their phone, all the adds that pop up and when ever they are on social media, they are reading journalism and don't even know it.  News stations are using social media and the internet to their advantage.  They realize that they aren't getting as many TV viewers as they use twitter and other sites to advertise and report the news.

When people lie about their stories, it can have a negative impact on them.  Brian Williams is a prime example of that.  People watch the news to get an understanding of what is going on.  When people lie about things it ruins their credibility and you need credibility to be a good journalist.

 When people base their personal impacts and combine them with journalism, you catch peoples feelings (both good and bad) and that is how people will view you.  With Brian Williams lying about his encounter in Iraq, that could possibly destroy his career because now people are questioning some of the other stories that he has done and are asking if those are truthful. 

With Journalism being so widely used, it doesn't take long for news to get out, especially when a majority of people have smart phones along with facebook and/or twitter.  If news companies want to keep up in this day and age, they almost have to go onto those social media sites to get their news out there.  They also have to spend more money advertising online and for commercials on TV because that is pretty much the only way they are going to get more people to watch their station.

Journalism is an interesting thing because so many people can think of so many things for the same topic. Journalism is a nice thing to get into because people are always going to see it and are always going to need it.  People may not even be watching the news on TV but by going onto social media and the internet, they are still going to get the news without even knowing it.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Truth and Journalism

What is truth to you?   Truth to me is an honest statement with facts, credible sources, and evidence to help back everything up. Without those, I don't think that you can have a viable explanation that something is true.

What should all journalists know about the truth?   If journalists had to know one thing about the truth, I think that they should know that everyone has their own version on what is true. Many people may think a like but its still different in their own way. People come away from things with different view points and different "facts" and I think that is the reason why the definite truth is hard to find.

What does it mean to be loyal to the truth?   To me being loyal to the truth depends on what you see as being the truth. I think that if you have facts, credible sources, and credible evidence you can be telling me or who ever your version of the truth. We may not agree on your version of the truth but, that's okay because everyone's version is different.

In what ways can a high school journalist find and report the truth?   I think by interviewing multiple people with different view points a high schooler can find most of the truth depending on what the topic is. I think that getting multiple view points is key because that way you can see both sides of the story and further your answer off of that.

Can you find a link of a story/video/podcast that exemplifies the pursuit of truth?